Interior doors: how to choose by material and style

When arranging a country house, office or apartment, you want to take into account all the nuances. Each detail must correspond to the intended style, be durable and functional. This especially applies to interior doors. They are forced to constantly withstand significant loads and must fit harmoniously into the overall interior of the room. Let’s figure out which interior doors are best installed in an apartment, what to consider when choosing designs.

Criterias of choice

When choosing interior doors, buyers usually look at their visual characteristics, ignoring the design and materials of manufacture. Yes, design is important, but there are other considerations as well. The main ones are production technology, design, manufacturing materials. Let's take a closer look at them.


When deciding which doors to install in an apartment, look at the style of construction - it should be harmoniously combined with the design of the home as a whole. Available options: Greek; Empire; baroque; Renaissance; other.

The color scheme is red, white, light brown. Less common, but also available in natural wood colors. They harmoniously complement interiors, regardless of the shade of furniture, wall or floor decor. Classic is an almost universal option; it looks good in retro, Provence, and country rooms.

For apartments furnished in a minimalist style, you should choose laconic colors - black, gray, white. The main feature of the concept in this case is the widespread introduction of advanced technologies. The style itself strives for minimalism, harmoniously combining modernity and functionality.

Doors in a modern style will fit well into a small studio with a non-standard layout. They usually have an original design and become a significant accent in themselves. Another feature is the competent combination of glass and wood. If you don’t like solutions with glass, look at blind options.

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How to choose interior doors for an apartment, besides style, is based on the material of manufacture. High-quality wooden panels with a film coating are strong, durable, and can have different textures and colors (you can choose the best option for yourself). Such models are simple and unpretentious in care.

A more expensive option is veneer. In production conditions, door leaves are covered with thin natural wood-based sheets - veneer. This gives the structures strength and a luxurious, rich look. Using veneered models, you can emphasize the interior in the Empire or Rococo spirit. The doors also have improved parameters of thermal and sound insulation, are extremely durable, dense, and beautiful.

An interesting option is painted interior doors. These can be new designs or modified old ones. Such solutions are universal in terms of application; choose any shade to suit your taste.

Fully transparent sliding and swing models look interesting. This design style will visually expand the space and make the rooms bright. Transparent inserts are made from frosted, mirrored, painted, film-coated glass or glass decorated with various patterns.
The most expensive interior doors are made from valuable wood species. But they have a luxurious design and are extremely durable.

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Door type

When deciding which interior doors to choose for your apartment, be sure to look at the design of ready-made solutions. Available options:

1. Sliding - or compartment. They do not require much space to open and take up minimal space. The door leaves are moved to the side to gain passage into the room, then they are pushed back according to a similar principle. To install the door, use a special rail (it is located at the top or bottom of the frame). The most reliable models are those with a pair of rails.
2. Hinged - a classic version with a hermetically sealed fit of the canvas to the box. Such doors are made from different materials, and the decor may also vary. Opening goes only in one direction, the nature of the installation is right or left. The main disadvantage of a swing door is that you need enough space to swing the doors open.
3. Folding - or accordions. When opening, the panels fold, and when closing, they return to their original position. The canvases are mounted on rails and must be equipped with bearings for silent movement. Sound insulation will be lower than that of swing panels. Accordions are ideal for zoning small rooms.
4. Swinging - pendulum models, the doors can be removed in any direction. Such doors are rarely used in apartments, but they are ideal for offices.

When choosing the type of door, look at its design, the interior of the room, and do not forget about the optimal sound insulation parameters.
Interior doors vary in type of design, style of execution, and material of manufacture. These are the main parameters that need to be taken into account when choosing.

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